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Research based policy proposals for the improvement of school-to-work-transition with special reference to immigrants (Lorenz Lassnigg)

Junge Frau ...


Lorenz Lassnigg hat seinen Beitrag in Englischer Sprache verfasst. Nachfolgend einige Zitate aus "Research-based policy proposals for the improvement of school-to-work-transition, with special reference to immigrants". 

  • the length and structure of transition periods varies among different countries, with some countries having substantial proportions of young people taking quite long before setting into employment or even not successfully settling into employment at all;
  • if jobs are found, increasing proportions of young people work under non-standard employment contracts (...), with partially negative consequences for their further careers;
  • young women are disadvantaged in their transitions, because they find themselves more often in part-time jobs, or have to leave their employment for child-rearing.
  • several results incidate that apprenticeship systems and vocational education and training could sustantially improve initial transitions; 
  • concerning policies for the support of young migrants, we still have little evidence. Both of the alternative approaches discussed seem to have severe deficiencies in the effectiveness for this population. Apprenticeship seems to have a main barrier on the side of enterprises.